Reliance Jio Prime membership extended till March 2019: Here are the details

Posted by Deepak 01/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

We all love a good April Fool’s joke and Reliance Jio has taken the issue of smartphone battery life and turned it into a prank. The company has released a video which highlights the features of Jio Juice. The company has been teasing Jio Juice for a few days now.

The video highlights that all a user needs to do is insert the Jio SIM into the smartphone, and the phone starts charging. The video says, “Jio Juice uses the wireless Jio Network to create an electromagnetic field between the transmitter and the receiver. This enables a free transfer of energy through electromagnetic induction turning true 4G data packet into refreshing energy packets.”

It’s nice to see reliance jio pull such a prank on April Fools day. Google, Netflix, Amazon and more have released April Fools pranks and some of them have been quite believable.

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