Food Wrapping Paper
Kitchenmate food wrapping papper is durable, economical, non-toxic and greaseproof
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Aluminum Food Containers
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All our brands are well known in the industry for delivering quality products.

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With a lineage that stems from being in the paper business for over two decades, Scraft has been founded as a company that’s dedicated to producing high-value and innovative paper products to better people’s lives. Over time, the company has managed to adapt to the challenges of the day, relying on its heritage and foresight to decipher trends and bring new ideas to light.

“We at Scraft are committed to provide the highest quality products; products that go on to create a life of beauty, happiness and vitality. At the heart of our company is creativity and innovation. And we are driven by the passion to offer products that bring about a pleasant change in your today – a change that is forever.”

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Scraft is well known to deliver on time & quality products in the industry, and this is what our clients say about us

“Liora tissues!!! I can’t imagine taking my kids to the bathroom without them! These tissues are as soft and gentle as my kids’ skin. This has helped in incubating healthier habits in them and made them aware of the importance of keeping one’s hand and face clean”




“I use Comfy wet wipes every time when my baby needs cleaning. I would use it right after a warm bath and would wipe her with it just to keep her freshen up. It’s alcohol-free and that’s good to know that it is safe for my baby. It’s as gentle and pure as her soft skin and 100% hygienic for her tender skin”